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With age or following accidental damage, your pictures may need a 'facelift'. We will advise you whether the piece needs restoring.


Etchings, woodcut, and associated paper based pictures are very much more delicate than painting but surprisingly can be restored as well as those. Often the problem is caused by a low quality backing transferring its impurities through to the main work causing foxing and discolouration.

It is important to remove this backing, clean the discolouration without disintegrating the paper and then de-acidify the whole work to stop any further deterioration. Often during this work it is necessary to carry out repairs. During all of the operations it is important to use conservation materials and ensure that any work carried out is reversible.

before restoration (damaged by glue and foxing)

after restoration

before restoration (water damage)

after restoration

Painting on canvas or on board

As they age paintings on canvas or board become weak in certain areas. Stretchers twist, canvases loosen, paint cracks, holes appear, pigments dry out and of course dirt accumulation is the most common. All of these problems can be resolved and the painting brought back to its original glory.

with and without restoration

with and without restoration

Antique Frames

In the majority of cases the frame can be repaired, re-gilded or re-polished and bring back to its original state. We would in most cases recommend to preserving the original frame.

after restoration

before restoration